Destination standard Services

Destination additional services





The reaction or emotional answer of a person and his family to the changes that a move involve depend subjectively on the character and personal capabilities of the individual but also on objective conditions like geography, culture, language, social and economic environment, etc.

We inform the individual and his/her family about the different stages adaptation involves and all those phases they will most likely have to go through, with a view to preparing them adequately for the move, and reduce the emotional impact upon their arrival in our country.

Integration is made easier, when the relocation personnel know the idiosynchrasy of the transferee`s country of origin.


The individual, his/her partner, his/her family (being of utmost importance the age of the children), that is to say "OUR CLIENTS" will be our centre of attention during the whole process (the technical part is designed in accordance with our manual of norms iso 9002).

Hot-line with and for the client in order to detect any adaptation difficulty from the very root.

O· For the partner we offer active participation during the adaptation process: W.O.M. - Woman on the Move, as well as the FORUM, where they can meet different people and establish new contacts.



Introduction to life, culture, habits, geography, history, language, etc.

Information on adaptation process.


Profile identification.


Area orientation with a view to location of working place and colleges


 Preselection of housing and accompanying home search


  Assessment in lease negotiation.




Assistance with insurance issues.



Assistance with medical services.

Assistance in banking matters.


Legal assessment.


Organization of removal.


Follow-up: telephone support through hotline for any problem related to the move and relocation issues

We offer different programs according the following categories : 

 Long-term assignment (1-3 years or more).


 Short-term assignment (3 months to one year).


Single/Married without children.


Married with children.


Special programs for senior executives, vice-presidents, etc.


 RELOCATION ..."whenever you really want, you can......all you need is to know the culture....


















































Temporary housing.


Furniture rental.


 Car rental


Work and residence permit, driving license, etc.

Household staff.


Seguros médicos, de vivienda, etc.






Repairs and improvements.


Culture programmes.


 Emotional preparation for the re-adaption

Termination of the supply contracts

Organisation of the removal