W.O.M.   Woman On the  Move
We have created WOM as a meeting point for different people from different cultures who have come to our country. Many of them have already gone through all the stages of adaptation, others are right in the middle of the process and share the so-called culture shock or emotional impact caused by the arrival in a new environment Every change/move, local, national or international requires a great effort. Integration is related to factors like stress, anxiety, feeling of guilt, solitude, depression, etc. which make us see the small problems as big ones. Everything seems negative and we are unable to enjoy the new environment, even when the climate, the job, and other things are better than before. We have lost our original social network, which is basic in our lives. Our beloved ones are far away, we feel lonely......despite being surrounded by wealth and beauty.

What does WOM want?

    To create a new social networt for the newly arrived.

      To strengthen personal resources :

What are we capable of doing in this country? Where are our interests in the way of culture, sports and other hobbies?

 To support the adaptation and integration processes through the Spanish language.

To encourage cultural activities (visiting Gothic, Romanic buildings, theatres, opera, etc.) in Barcelona or even weekend trips to e.g. the Pyrenees, etc.

Conversation, interchange, contacts, fast communication, mobility and creativity .......in our FORUM (see.....

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We are representatives in Spain of UTS EUROPE Intl for Relocation, and we are representatives in Spain of F.W. DEUS GmbH for Removals


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